Production for unusual spaces, participation of the audience with collection of data and texts.

The company conducts labs open to the public designed to be used for its future creations on innovative scenographies, and on its research around the evolution of mankind.

The company proposes in situ immersive creation of smaller formats for targeted audiences of a region.

This is carried out following the success back in November 2019 of its 1st immersive Lab during the Night of the Circus at the School of Circus of Bordeaux. There the company invested some changing rooms with the complicity of 18 artists in training. This production is aiming unusual spaces and places: apartments, factories, wastelands, tanks…

With Dedale, the company proposes an unusual circus experience. It wishes to abolish the spatial boundaries between comedians and spectators to propose a unique collective immersive experience .

The audience will be invited to remain silent at all times.

An inspiring resource in the company’s research process.

Disciplines : Dance, Chinese pole, acrobatics, juggling, acting and sonorous research.

Director :
Maryka Hassi
Assistant director : Benjamin Lissardy
Performers: Rachel Cazenave, Mickaël Kochalski, Benjamin Lissardy
With the participation of 3 students from the Bordeaux Circus school: Faustine Andrieu, Guillaume Bellet, Emile Derot
Light manager : Louise Nauthonnier
Composer and music live : Yanier Hechavarria

Year of creation: 2022
Format : customized and participatory
Duration : several 30-minutes interventions
Spaces : indoor, outdoor
Dates : consult our agenda here

Accessibility : 10 year’s old onwards

Technical conditions : on demand, depending on the location

Book : on demand, depending on the location