Circavalcade, Saint-André-de-Cubzac


The Bivouac company was in charge of the artistic direction of the 2021 Circavalcade. It proposed an unusual circus parade with an architectural theme.

This project, carried out during the Covid health crisis, ended up being a documentary film and not a parade.

As part of the IDDAC’s “Tout un cirque!” program, four classes participated in this artistic adventure. Throughout the year, the children were invited (with the help of small wooden boards) to create their architectural models and then to build and explore them, through the circus technics. A practical module made of recycled materials, symbolized their “dream city”. This was an opportunity for them to question the relation between the body, the matter and space.

The music school of Saint-André-De-Cubzac, accomplice of this adventure, was guided by our composer Yanier Hechavarria who composed a sound creation played live by all the children.

Year of creation : 2021