Our partnerships

The company is in contact with several structures of the scientific world to question scientific advances, the evolutions of society and the environmental issues.

CNRS of Toulouse

Meetings with researchers:  Bertrand Georgeot: exchanges around the Lorenz attractor and chaos. Clément Sire: exchanges on chance and predictability; intervention in a research lab with students of the Circus School of Bordeaux on the question of crowd movements in comparison to the organization of schools of fish. 

Fab Lab of the IUT of Gradignan : exchanges around the motorization of models.

Fab Lab BEN in Bègles : training on 3D machines and software.

Fab Lab of Cap Sciences : Clément Pasquet and Luc Duga: create the link with engineers and students of the region.

Enseirb-MATMECA, Eirbot : internships proposal for the construction of machines.

Société Valorem : meetings around the hydrogen. Evaluation of structures powered by hydrogen and ways to store electricity.

Les Arts et Métiers ADV TECH SAS : meetings around biomimetic wind turbines new generation.

Les petits débrouillards : study of gear designs and presentation of the Arduino programming software.

Groupe de Collapsologues : meeting around the construction of solar bread ovens.

Polymec : getting to know graphene, biological resin for construction. 

Participation in the event La Nuit des chercheurs.

Les Archives de Bordeaux