De Mar a Mar – Pyrénées de cirque


During three years, the Bivouac company has accompanied 4 young emerging artists from the Basque Country. It was a chance for the artists to gain in visibility beyond their borders. It was also an opportunity to feed our research with innovative views and to conduct labs on Perceptions.

“De Mar a Mar – Pyrénées de cirque is a cross-border project between France and Spain that aims to guide and improve circus artists’ training and career, especially emerging artists, by creating links with the entire profession. “

It is within this framework, as a renowned company, that we have been selected to participate in the territorial partnership coordinated by De mar a mar (Interreg Program POCTEFA 2014-2020 FEDER).

From July 2017 till July 2020, the Bivouac company guided 4 Spanish artists from the Basque country.

4 artists we accompanied on all aspects of the professionalization of their passion:

– artistic direction on their production
– technical and artistic training
– mediation training
– production management – financing, sales, manufacturing, communication
– administration

3 years of compagnonnage to help them develop their own project and put their experience to the test of the reality of the challenges of the circus world.

3 years of mutual enrichment.