Bordeaux Circus School

Pass on our passion, participate in the development of artistic research, cultivate the circus of tomorrow. Since 2011, this is the meaning we have given to our commitment in the training of the Circus School of Bordeaux. 

An embodied commitment which translates into an active participation of the company in the artistic project of the school.

Research laboratories (exploration of modules), a technical training (Chinese pole), an artistic culture (circus history courses), a scientific culture (meetings with researchers). 

A vibrant and moving circus vision.

We also share a common space with the school.  We are located in the same place, our offices, our design and building studio and our storage containers. The school’s venues are regularly made available to us for research residencies and auditions.

To propose a unique artistic vision mixing art and science on experimental spaces is the heart of our company’s project.  We wish to be able to share and pass on these experiments to the greatest number of multidisciplinary artists and audiences. In that respect, we are actively thinking about the creation of a venue vector of encounters – mechanical, technological and ecological innovations aiming at pursuing the circus movement research.

This co-developed project including the Bordeaux Circus School and the Bivouac company supported by the city of Bordeaux is currently underway. The company will have its offices, a technical room for design and production and storage. It will have a laboratory space open regularly to the public and to multidisciplinary artists who are looking for experimental spaces.