Perceptions is a journey to the heart of the quantum imagery where the infinitely large meets the infinitely small.

Equations unfold on a diffracted structure revealing unknown elementary particles, a relative space and time, parallel dimensions… A reality usually invisible to the eye emerges slowly in the ocular eye.

As the exploration of men evolves, the suspended world is transformed and becomes unpredictable. The strings vibrate, the material gravitates and diffracts, letting the void exist.

An invitation to dream of other realities.

Authors: Maryka Hassi, Maureen Brown, Benjamin Lissardy
Director : Maryka Hassi
Scenography : Maureen Brown

Builder: Sud Side, les ateliers spectaculaires – Marseille

Performers : Silvana Sanchirico, Grégoire Fourestier, Vanessa Petit, Quentin Signori and Benjamin Lissardy
Composer and music live : Yanier Hechavarria
Light manager : Louise Nauthonnier
General manager : Simon Drouard

Disciplines :
Aerial dance, Chinese pole, acrobatics, Cloud swinging, Piano, Live music

Year of creation : 2019
Format : large format
Duration : 50 min
Spaces : Indoor and outdoor
Dates : consult our agenda here
Accessibility : all audiences

Technical conditions :
6 artists and 2 technicians, 180° or frontal, outdoors or indoors. All conditions here

Book : clic here

Partners :
De Mar a Mar (Pyrénées de Cirque), CNAR Le Fourneau Brest, Agora pôle National Cirque Boulazac, l’OARA (Office Artistique de la Région Aquitaine), Sud Side, les ateliers spectaculaires – Marseille, DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, DGCA, IDDAC, CREAC de Bègles, Ville de La Teste de Buch, Institut Français, le Conseil Général des Landes, la Ville de Bordeaux, L’Espace d’Albret Ville de Nérac, l’Adami, CRABB Biscarrosse, Ville de Mimizan, Hameka Fabrique des arts de la rue, CIRCa pôle National Cirque Auch. Avec le soutien de : l’École de Cirque de Bordeaux, la Cité des Arts de la rue de Marseille.

Transport :
Impressive in its size and the number of technical possibilities it offers, the Perceptions set has been designed by the company to be light and easy to assemble and disassemble. From the very start of any creation, we work meticulously to design sculptural objects that are as aesthetically surprising as they are technically agile. For example, Perceptions’ scenography is transported by a simple van and a small trailer. It’s an efficient way for the company to limit its impact on the environment, and to be able to perform in a wide variety of spaces in an eco-responsible way.

Transport Lemniscate . Cie Bivouac