October 2023 production

Fragments is an immersive sound circus show featuring two Chinese pole acrobats, a dancer, a live musician and a lighting director: an unexpected quintet that tries to find poetry in the experiments.

Their decomposed movements coulour the space offered by a raw, almost bare stage from which emerges two Chinese poles. The echo of their gestures, amplified by an original sound installation, creates a surprising closeness between the artists and the audience around the stage. Fragments is composed as a succession of tableaux decomposing gesture to reveal the imperceptible, ranging from hypnotic corps-à-corps to scenes worthy of an artistic-scientific research laboratory in full effervescence.

This organic, sensory exploration questions the impact we have on our environment.

“Not only to observe the gesture but to learn to listen to it, to give to hear the point of impact to perhaps find the balance together.”

Original idea and direction : Maryka Hassi
Assistant director : Benjamin Lissardy
Acrobats on Chinese mast : Benjamin Lissardy and Samuel Rodrigues
Dancer : Vanessa Petit
Voice-over : Maryka Hassi, Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse et Thomas Sillard
Author of voice-over texts : Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse
Sound designer and programmer : Thomas Sillard
Composer, original music designer and performing musician : Yanier Hechavarria Maya
Creation and lighting control : Simon Drouart

Disciplines :
Sonorous double Chines pole, decomposed movements, sound amplified bodies, dance, videos, enhanced apparatus, interdependence, organic, environment

Year of creation : 2023
Format : medium format
Duration : 1 hour
Spaces : indoor
Dates : October 2023 production
Accessibility : 7 year’s old onwards

Technical conditions :
6 people on tour. 4 tiers arranged in 360° on the stage. Capacity of 240 people.
Height : 5,50 meters
Opening : 7 meters minimum
Depth : 7 meters minimum

Book : Click here

Partners :
OARA, Ville de Bordeaux, L’Agora – Pôle National de Cirque de Boulazac, l’IDDAC – Agence culturelle de la Gironde, Scène nationale Carré-Colonnes, L’Atelier des Marches, L’A4 – Saint-Jean-d’Angély, La Pop – dans le cadre de la Journée de Repérage Artistique 2023, CREAC – La citéCirque de Bègles, DICRéAM, DRAC Compagnonnage Auteur, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine et DRAC Cultures Connectées.

The company is subsidized by the french Ministry of Culture – DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Département de la Gironde, Ville de Bordeaux et Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.