Release : June 2023

An acrobatic exploration of the relationship between time and space on a sculptural experimental device.

Two dancers and an acrobat on a Chinese pole embody three individuals lost in this suspended “non existing place”. Between releases and tensions, slides and propulsions, continuity and rupture, gravity and suspension, they evoke the relative and flexible character of time-space.

An interconnection made visible between the movements of their bodies, their weights, the variations of space driven by the oscillation of curves and the beat of time symbolized by a metronome pole. 

Lemniscate, a sculpture both abstract and organic, recalls a hip bone, a moon, or a planet with which the artists are at one with or extract themselves from, generating confrontations of scale and language, a relationship between their own internal body and their stellar body. 

A multiplied and almost continuous vision offered by a rotating device evoking the plurality of points of view.

Original Idea and Set Design : Maureen Brown
Director and adaptation : Maryka Hassi
Assistant Director : Benjamin Lissardy
Composer : Yanier Hechavarria
Stage manager, lights and direction : Simon Drouart
Lighting design : Louise Nauthonnier
Acrobat : Benjamin Lissardy
Dancers : Nicolas Sannier and Amélie Jousseaume
Design and construction of the structure : Sud Side Marseille
Embedded system : Akwariom
Force calculations : Alain Dressard

Disciplines :
Acrobatics, movements, metronomic pendular Chinese pole nested in an infinite figure eight.

Year of creation : 2023
Format : medium format
Duration : 50 min
Spaces : outdoor
Dates : June 2023 production
Accessibility : all audiences

Technical conditions :
3 artists (or 4 if live musician perform), audience in 360°. All conditions to come.

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Partners :
OARA, Ville de Bordeaux, L’Agora – Pôle National Cirque Boulazac, Le Fourneau – CNAREP en Bretagne, l’IDDAC – Agence Culturelle du Département de la Gironde, Scène nationale Carré-Colonnes, Scène Nationale du Sud-Aquitain, Scène conventionnée Pôle du Marsan, CRABB de Biscarrosse, L’Azimut – Antony – Châtenay-Malabry – Pôle National Cirque en Ile-de-France, CREAC – La citéCirque de Bègles, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, DRAC et Atlantes.

The company is subsidized by the french Ministry of Culture – DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Département de la Gironde, Ville de Bordeaux et Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.