Sens dessus dessous

Spontaneous event

As part of “Un été à Bordeaux”, the company has imagined an immersive performance in partnership with the Bordeaux Circus school using the projected images of multimedia artists Anne Deleporte and Stephen Dean. Acrobats from the Bordeaux Circus School explored movements on the elastic and sloping circus tent of the school, dotted with masts, thus creating an open-air architecture, a reminder of the artic white poles and the geological work of nature forming the tectonic plates.

A “creation within a creation”, a fruitful synergy between visual art and performing arts, this show entitled “Sens dessus dessous” – upside down – made the spectators travel inside a terrestrial globe where the continents and the hemispheres are inverted, adding a threat experienced by the circus performers forcing them to continuously adapt their technic to this capsized world.

Distribution : professional students from Bordeaux Circus school – Promotion 2019-2021
Director : Maryka Hassi
Director assistant : Benjamin Lissardy
Multimedia artists : Anne Deleporte, Stephen Dean and their composer

Disciplines :
Acrobatics, multimedia, Chinese pole

Year of creation : summer 2020
Format : large format
Duration : 1 hour
Spaces : outdoor
Dates : from 23rd to 25th July 2020
Accessibility : all audiences

Technical conditions : on demand

Book : on demand

Partner :  Bordeaux circus school