Le Rêve d’Erica

A setting conducive to reverie. A lyric singer like a figurehead and a bird gently call Erica to an imaginary world.  They invite her to an initiatory journey where the ingenue makes strange discoveries. These apparitions make her emotions vibrate; the rhythm accelerates… Erica is now suspended to the bewitched red slippers…  A poetic journey.  A hymn to life, to freedom…

Award for the best show at the Haifa Theater festival in April 2014

Scenario adaptation and director : Maryka Hassi
Scenario, scenography, cloud swing : Maureen Brown
Director assistant and chinese pole : Benjamin Lissardy
Ballet dancer: Adèle Borde
Acrobats, equilibrists : Cristobal Pereira Ber, Charlie Marey, Thomas Pavon
Composer and musician : Erwan Leguen
Lyric singers : Pauline Larivière, Souad Natech, or Marouska Lemoing
Light technician : Théo Meyer or Camille Furon

Disciplines :
Chinese pole, cloud swing, ballet dancing, acrobatics, stands, opera singing, choreography, cello, Music

Year of creation : 2012
Format : medium Format
Duration : 50 min
Spaces : outdoor and indoor
Dates : consult our agenda here 
Accessibility : all audiences

Technical conditions :
5 artists and 1 technician, frontal or 180° show, indoors or outdoors. All conditions here

Book : clic here

Partners :
Circ’Que’O!, l’IDDAC, DRAC Aquitaine, Le Carré-Colonnes – Scène conventionnée Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, l’Opéra National de Bordeaux, l’École de Cirque de Bordeaux, Sud Side Marseille, Les Arènes de Nanterre, Repetto Paris, la Région Aquitaine, la Ville de Bordeaux, le Conseil Général de Gironde, le Crédit Mutuel et Aquitaine Active.