Les Vertiges

Our two 2023 productions

Les Vertiges are two productions that are in line with Perceptions, in which the company pushes forward the movement research, its interrogations on mankind and its place in the world, its relationship to Science. These two independent productions are to be discovered in the same place and time. Fragment for an indoor program and Lemniscate for an outdoor program, without defined order.


In Fragment, the space is plain, almost bare. In the center of the stage, two poles create a gate evoking a passage that could symbolize, in the manner of Japanese Torii, the separation between the physical and spiritual worlds, the duality between body and spirit. Their parallel position upwards evokes a path and the possibility of elevation while their vertical geometric form on the contrary, can refer to a possible fight over power.

With the complicity of two circus artists, the presence of a composer and a sound creator, it is a succession of tableaux that reveals the visible and hidden face of things. We hear the impact of touch on the matter to try to perceive what it means for us, what is says about our relation to others and to the environment. It is an organic and sensorial exploration, always on the edge.

“Always move the circus technics to new places, with here a simple scenography with enhanced sound capabilities. “

Original idea : Benjamin Lissardy and Maryka Hassi
Director : Maryka Hassi
Director assistant : Benjamin Lissardy
2 Chinese pole artists : Benjamin Lissardy and Samuel Rodriguez
1 composer :  Yanier Hechavarria
1 light creator : to define
1 sound installer and light manager : Thomas Sillard
Light manager : to define

Disciplines :
Sonorous double Chines pole, decomposed movements, sound amplified bodies, videos, enhanced apparatus, interdependence, organic, environment

Year of creation : 2023
Format : medium format
Duration : 50 min
Spaces : indoor
Dates : October 2023 production
Accessibility : 15 year’s old onwards

Technical conditions :
5 people on tour. All conditions to come.

Book : Clic here

Partners :
Scène conventionnée pôle de Marsan, Scène nationale Carré-Colonnes, CRABB de Biscarrosse, OARA, to come.



The Lemniscate or infinite eight figure, is the representation of a concept that contains the idea of unlimited and continuity. This notion is also present in the metronome, while the pendulum refers to notions of physics related to gravity and a larger space-time dimension. During this exploration, several scales overlap and some linked notions will be explored live.

Two acrobats inhabit this singular space, experiencing its morphology, its symbolic and scientific meaning. We will see endless paths, shortcuts, loss of reference points, illusions, projections, searches for balance and mastery, distorted rhythms, endless movements, renewals, confessions, postulates, discordances and reconciliations…

Original idea and scenography : Maureen Brown
Director : Maryka Hassi
Director assistant : Benjamin Lissardy
Composer : Yanier Hechavarria
General manager and light creation : to define
Performers : 2 acrobats on atypical Chinese pole, one acrobat dancer
Construction : Sud Side Marseille

Disciplines :
Acrobatics, movements, metronomic pendular Chinese pole nested in an infinite figure eight.

Year of creation : 2023
Format : medium format
Duration : 50 min
Spaces : outdoor
Dates : June 2023 production
Accessibility : all audiences

Technical conditions :
5 artists and 1 light technician, audience in 360°. All conditions to come.

Book : clic here

Parteners :
Scène conventionnée pôle de Marsan, Scène nationale Carré-Colonnes, CRABB de Biscarrosse, OARA, to come.