International Chinese Pole Convention

Since 2015

The company Bivouac organizes an International Convention of Chinese Pole and Pole Dance circus tent of the Circus School of Bordeaux. During 3 days, passionate amateurs, students in training, semi-pros and professionals, meet to exchange and research together around these disciplines: Chinese pole and double poles. Fulfilling moments that bring together specialists from the four corners of Europe and the world.

On this occasion, the company organizes exhibitions and conferences with leading artists to talk about experimental apparatus.

In 2019, Melissa Van Vépy was invited to the conference. An exhibition thought out as a scenographic experiment conducted by the company was open to the public.

The company Sous le Manteau participated in the master classes.

Fréderic Durnerin of l’Agora PNC de Boulazac as well as Florence Cailton of the CREAC de Bègles intervened during the conference.

This convention will become a festival with the help of volunteers supervised by the founders.