Always ready to participate in meaningful projects, we enjoy participating in events that valorize the choreographic gesture and open up possibilities for interdisciplinary connections.

In February 2022, we collaborated with l’Orangeade, a collective of electronic music lovers, during the Grand 8, an anniversary event celebrating the eighth years of this emblematic association of Bordeaux. By adding circus performances to the already spectacular dimension of this event, we laid the foundations for a more durable partnership.

We have also co-organized a second similar event in association with l’Orangeade and the architectural collective CMD+O : Nuits Fauves, which took place April 28th and 29th, 2023. A way to extend the experience and to show our art to the largest number of people, during public festive events. These two extraordinary evenings have gathered thousands of visitors who came to dance, have fun and admire the acrobatic performances that we had imagined with the students of the circus school of Bordeaux.

Pictures © Miléna Delorme