Ecological commitments

Involved in the ecological transition, the Compagnie Bivouac has put in place a policy that respects the environment at every level of its activity.


First of all, we pay attention to the impact of the scenographic set we design from the very begining of the conception. Indeed, eco-responsibility plays a key role in the decision making of the construction of our structures. Thanks to the expertise of our partners Ateliers Sud Side, we are able to create monumental structures with very low environmental impact (lightweight equipment, very low power consumption, simple assembly and disassembly, etc.).

The sets and structures of our company are designed to be dismantled and transported in a van. The idea of facilitating the assembly/disassembly, storage and transportation of our sets and structures has been in the forefront of our research, to design scenographies adapted to transport with low ecological impact.

We recycle whenever possible. We reuse materials and set elements for all our new productions.

Rooted in the reality of our society and influenced by the challenges of climate change, some of our productions question the impact of Man on his environment. This is particularly true of our latest show, Fragments, which came from our observation of a world that today seems globalized and adrift. With this production, we offer audiences a possibility to come back to the essential through a raw, organic creation that gives voice to intracorporeal and intramaterial reactions.


Whether local, national or international, the Compagnie Bivouac makes it a point of honor to limit the repercussions of its tours. We work with the venues and festivals to create mutualized tours. By limiting the number of round-trips made by our crews and sets, we reduce the ecological footprint of the mobility of our artists and the scenographic elements that make up our shows. With this in mind, we also give preference to low-impact means of transport, such as the train or car pooling for our crews.

When it comes to meals, we work closely with restaurateurs who offer menus based on local, seasonal produce. Whenever possible, we even go so far as to call on service providers who practice zero waste on our residencies.


Every day, the Compagnie Bivouac is careful to ensure that its activities are in line with the principles of sobriety. As an ethical alternative to new models, our technical and IT equipment is purchased reconditioned. Our teams are also made aware of eco-actions such as selective sorting, saving paper (little printing), reducing the energy consumption of their electrical appliances (computers switched off and not “on standby”, for example)… etc.

We are also sharing our technical equipment with local cultural associations. In a spirit of both solidarity and respect for the environment, we lend our benches, sound equipment, scenographic elements and vehicles to local associations such as the Ecole de Cirque de Bordeaux.

Communication and events

When we organize an event, we believe it’s essential to approach it from an eco-responsible angle. As such, we make commitments in favor of sustainable development, such as: the choice of reusable, compostable or recyclable crockery (ecocups, cardboard containers or other eco-friendly materials); the installation of dry toilets; the purchase of local foods…

As part of this same initiative, we are thinking about our communication actions in terms of ecological principles. To this end, we have almost abandoned paper communication (with a few exceptions).